About Us


The brand intends to capture different aspects of one’s personality.

Underlying the complexity of various individuals through the eyes of the founder.

It represents the freedom of self-expression without censorship and conveys many different facets of Levenacci’s attitude.

Creative disciplines across art and fashion reinforce and fuel the concept of diversity.

These products are an artistic commentary on persona while emphasizing the core values of Levenacci.

Levenacci is formed by a heady mixture of attraction.

Ambivalence is generated by designers and photographers who have come together to make a confrontational statement.

“What you wear reads you”

Levenacci’s approach is inspired by its unconventional observation of the public allowing Levenacci to anticipate trends. The Levenacci brand offers guys’ and girls’ clothes combining contemporary, innovative and sophisticated design with uniqueness.

Levenacci’s Philosophy

Levenacci’s products are curated and considered precious, and so are the people who wear them.

Levenacci wanted to offer a higher level of customer experience to its clients. The years-taken researches and learnings allow us to provide the finest designs with narratives associated with them on the market, available at unmatched prices.

Levenacci’s signatures

  • Premium quality fabrics
  • Exclusive designs
  • Professional orientation
  • Decent packaging
  • Excellent customer experience
  • 12-month warranty